Lightening Strikes at Magic Kingdom Castle Disney World

Lightening Strikes at Magic Kingdom Castle Disney World

Do not underestimate the heat factor when vacationing at Walt Disney World during the hot summer months.  It is brutal.  Also be prepared for torrential afternoon thunderstorms that usually pass through each day.  Use a weather app on your smartphone that has a radar and plan to get somewhere comfortable, inside and cool before the storms hit.  Living here we learn to appreciate the storms as they really cool things off and can make the evening hours nicer.

If you have a scooter, you want to make sure you either try to get it out of the rain, under cover, but even then the rain comes in sideways many times so it is still a good idea to bring a large trash bag and put it over your front basket to protect your things and that means it will also cover the steering column which even though many scooters are now water-resistant, there is still a key hole.  You may even want to have a second trash bag to fit over your seat.  We never recommend cloth seats because they never dry out and then as you can imagine might smell, but keeping even a waterproof seat dry means you are ready to hop on after the storm passes.

Besides the rain, the humidity can get to you as well.  Some easy tips for cooling off is to wet a handkerchief and keep it tied around your neck and/or get one of those misting fans and maybe snag some ice from a soda vendor to add to the mister to make the water fountain water ever cooler.

And last but really first is have a hat and WEAR SUNSCREEN!  Being a longtime Florida resident I have researched sunscreen and the well known popular name brands are not necessarily the best.  For children I recommend California Baby.  I have no affiliation with them but they were ranked several years ago as the safest as sunscreen is absorbed through the skin, into the body.  They have a thick stick I use on the kids faces and then a 30 FPS that is waterproof for the body.  For adults I recommend one that was tested in Australia which has the strictest of all standards.  It comes under a couple of different names as either Kara Vita or Dermazone or Celazome.  It is pricey but the 30 fps can last all day, even in water.  Full disclosure I did some marketing work for the company many years ago and learned all about Sunscreen in the process.  If you call them to order, tell them I sent you!

Well that is just a few tips to help you truly be prepared and enjoy your Disney World Vacation! Watch our one-minute video on the 13 mile a day walk at Disney World: