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With six models to choose from, you are sure to get a scooter that will best fit your individual vacation needs.

For Those staying on-property at Walt Disney World:
If you are staying at a Walt Disney World hotel such as the Contemporary, Bay Lake Towers, Grand Floridian or Polynesian you can ride your scooter directly onto the monorail to travel to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Other locations you can use the Disney bus transportation. For EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, those staying at the Boardwalk, Yacht or Beach Club, Dolphin, or Swan resorts may utilize the boat system or the walkways to reach those theme parks and use bus transportation for all other areas. Old Key West has a pathway around the water to the Downtown Disney area and buses for all else. Pop Century, the All Star Hotels, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Art of Animation and Coronado Springs all use bus transportation to get you around. Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon require bus transportation. Each bus takes at least two scooters at a time.

For those staying on-property at Universal Orlando:
All locations are easily reached by riding your scooter to and from including Universal Orlando theme park, Islands of Adventure and all Universal City Walk attractions.  There is also a boat transportation system that accommodates scooters.

Scooter Summary

Please review the details for each scooter to see the maximum weight capacity of the rider and the transportation options to ensure you are selecting the best scooter to meet your needs.

Snap $25/day

Car, Bus, Boat, Monorail | 240 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

Dart $30/day

Car, Bus, Boat, Monorail | 275 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

Wish $35/day

Bus, Boat, Monorail | 400 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

Destination $35/day

Car, Bus, Boat, Monorail | 450 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

Dream $40/day

Boat, Monorail | 500 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

Fantasy $40/day

Bus, Boat, Monorail | 550 lbs. Capacity
12-15 hr. Park Ride Time*

*Batteries last a typical 12-15 hour theme park usage day. Rider must ensure the weight capacity is not exceeded to deliver full ride time. Scooter must be charged each night for the next day. Charge time 3-8 hours depending on model.