500 lbs Capacity – Bus, Boat & Monorail

Fantasy Scooter

ACCESSORY PACK: Add a Cup, phone, and cane or bag holder easy attachments – Add this accessory pack purchase onto your scooter rental when you book your scooter on our reservation page. We will deliver the combo pack new in the box for you to use and then can take the accessories home with you and save it for your next rental or use it on your home scooter. Click here to see a video of the accessory pack items.

The Escape is the best luxury rental scooter, bar none, for those staying on property at Disney World or Universal Orlando and using the boats, buses and monorails.  It handles up to a 500 pound weight capacity and has THE LARGEST BATTERIES AVAILABLE!

This is the ONLY scooter with actual ride suspension and a full captain’s chair with headrest.  Watch our In Action video to learn all about the Escape.

This top end luxury with large weight capacity means it will give you your full 12-15+++ hour theme park daily ride time.  And with our upgraded fast battery charger (no additional cost to you of course) you can charge the Escape in 8-10 hours from dead flat.

We always recommend you bring your charger with you to the theme park just in case.

The Escape has a nice size front basket and it’s own key on a coil wristband for easy keeping.  Other special features are:

  • Large Headlight
  • Side Armrest
  • Front and Rear Protector Bumpers
  • Front and Rear Suspension for the Ultimate Smooth Ride
  • Carpeted Base Floor
  • Full Captains Chart with Headrest
  • Fully Adjustable Steering Column
  • Seat Adjustment Forward and Back

We have 24 hour customer service while you are on your scooter and it is always a Scooter Vacations person that answers your call, no matter the time.  If it is 3 in the morning the on-call person will wake up and take your call!  No other scooter rental company offers this level of service.

If you want the ultimate in luxury, battery capacity and/or weight capacity (up to 500 lbs) your Escape scooter will deliver just that.  Rent the Escapey and you may never want to get off of it!