SeaWorld is a wondrous place with stadium shows, viewing attractions centers, excellent children play area and rides, thrill rides and restaurants. The property is large and a bit hilly (for Florida that is) but definitely a long hard walk for visitors. The great thing is they welcome Orlando mobility scooter rentals and the places you can take your scooter will amaze you not to mention make you day a very relaxing one.

You can ride your scooter a.k.a. mobility scooter, electronic convenience vehicle, ECV, electric wheelchair directly into every attraction and even onto the moving walkways such as in the Shark Encounter and Penguin Encounter buildings. You get to ride along on the moving walkway taking in the sharks that are surrounding you on three sides…left right and overhead!

As for the stadium shows such as Believe (which will get even the hardest of hearts sentimental) they have special locations for scooter riders to park their scooters and you never have to move off of your scooter, the thing you need a heads up on is “bring a rain slicker” and cover both your scooter and you, because these are prime viewing locations and with that comes…YOU MAY GET WET!

SeaWorld Orlando has many great hotels, resorts, timeshares, villa directs & private rental homes nearby and transportation to the park may be by your own car or rental car, bus, van, etc. so make sure you rent a transportable scooter. New scooter designs and engineering have developed scooter models that are easy to transport, yes, transportable scooter rentals, that will fold-up or easily break down and fit in a compact size rental car trunk. They are lightweight yet very sturdy and roomy not to mention sporty looking. You can now rent a scooter that you can take with you from place to place and also use at your hotel, timeshare or resort. Scooter Vacations offers four models to choose from that handle up to a 450 pound capacity plus free delivery and pickup.