Wish scooter in Disney World Bus Box

Wish scooter in Disney World Bus Box

For those who plan to use Disney World transportation such as boats, buses and the monorail, you can listen to this quick 3 minute audio podcast right here, look for our podcasts on iTunes or Stitcher or read below for answers to common questions such as:

  1. What size scooter will fit on a bus
  2. How do they measure the size
  3. Can I use a larger scooter than allowed
  4. How do you board the Monorail
  5. What hotels are best to stay at if I have a larger scooter

Disney World has 3 modes of transportation to consider, Buses, Boats and of course the Monorail system. The requirement for transporting a mobility scooter on public transportation is dictated by he Federal American Disabilities Act Law. It says that public transportation must accommodate any approved handicap transportation device such as a wheelchair, power chair or mobility scooter aka electronic convenience vehicle ECV, that fits within the space of 30 inches wide by 48 inches long.

There are many ADA approved ECVs that do not fit within those dimensions. You do not have to fit within those dimensions for an ECV to be an approved device but if you want to take one on public transportation such as Disney World buses, certain boats and the monorail, your device must fit within that dimension.

To measure the size of ECVs for their buses, Disney World has painted boxes that scooter riders can pull into to easily assess they fit within the size guidelines. It is very important to note here that for every box I have personally measured (and I have measured many of them at Disney World) it is the outside of the painted lines that are the 30 x 48 inches.

If you decide to bring your own scooter from home and it does not fit within those dimensions, I suggest you consider which of the 4 Disney World theme parks you plan to spend the most time at and choose your hotel accordingly. For instance if you stay at one of the EPCOT resorts you can visit both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios without ever needing to get on a bus. Also you can get to Magic Kingdom by riding through EPCOT from the International Gateway entrance located between England and France and traveling to the main EPCOT entrance and exit to take the Monorail to Magic Kingdom. To ride the Monorail with your scooter they will place down a steel ramp for you to ride onto it and they seem to bit a little less fussy about the size but technically they could deny you access.

All 6 Scooter Vacations models fit within the designated 30 x 48 inch size however for the Dream model with its unique motorcycle type look and large wheels which provides a great turn ratio and smooth ride, you do have to turn the handle bars all the way to the side for the front wheel to turn to a 45 degree angle to fit.

Scooter Vacations provides 24 hour customer service, will come INSIDE the park to service you and the scooters are specially engineered to provide 12-15 hours of ride time.

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