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For those who have never rented a scooter to use at Disney World, you can listen to this quick 2.5 minute audio podcast right here, look for our “Orlando Scooter Rental” podcasts on iTunes or Stitcher or read below for answers to your most basic questions such as:

  1. Renting a scooter at one of the four Disney World theme parks
  2. Park hopping from park to park when renting a scooter
  3. Renting from a scooter rental company
  4. Questions to ask and items to consider when renting from an Orlando scooter rental company



What you may or may not know is that Disney World has four different theme parks. To rent a scooter from Disney you must go inside the theme park. They are at the front of each park just past the entry gates.

They are rented on a first come first served basis so you must get there early as during busy days they sell out quickly. If you plan to park hop which means go to more than one park in the same day, you must turn in your scooter at the first park and then pick up another one once you get to your next park which will be provided at no additional charge if you keep your receipt and they have one available.

The cost has remained steady for the last couple of years at $50 for the day plus a refundable $20 key deposit. However you may want to double check right before going in case there has been a price increase.

If you absolutely have to have a scooter, since you cannot reserve a scooter from Disney, you may want to rent one yourself from external company. The rate will depend on the type of scooter and number of days renting.

Make sure to ask the company you rent from about battery-life, meaning will it last a full day and also about their service should you have a break down. Ask if they come INSIDE, not just to the ticket gates, but INSIDE the park to service you. And lastly what hours they are available for customer service and technical support. Disney can be open till the wee hours of the morning and you should use a scooter rental company that can match those hours.

Scooter Vacations provides 24 hour customer service, will come INSIDE the park to service you and their scooters are specially engineered to provide 12-15 hours of ride time.

Well that’s the basics. For more information on each individual park, ride access, transportation considerations and scooter types, please check us out on iTunes and Stitcher by searching on “Orlando Scooter Rental”. You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher to get notified of new podcasts and of course we would really appreciate if you give us a rating or a “like” on our podcasts.

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