You have two choices, rent directly from Universal Inside their complex once you arrive or from an outside company. To rent a mobility scooter from Scooter Vacations, we deliver to your hotel, resort, timeshare, etc. Our scooters range in price from $25-$40 a day depending on the model. We offer multi-day rental discounts for longer rentals and have many special partner discounts and special coupon offers on our website.

Transportable models for up to a 450 Lbs. capacity are $25-35 per day and luxury on-property only models (meaning you cannot put them in a car to transport them) are $35-$40 a day.

If you rent from Universal it is a $100 deposit and $50 a day for a mobility scooter (ECV) and $12 a day for a wheelchair. If you use a credit card for the $100 daily deposit at Universal you must return the wheelchair or ECV to the location you picked it up from to get your deposit back. You cannot pick up at one park and leave it at another upon departure. You can reserve in advance but they do sell out quickly and you MUST be there by 11 am to pick up your rental. Also, they do not rent ECVs for nighttime events due to battery re-charging issues.

Most area hotels provide transportation to the theme parks and therefore are required by law to provide transportation for a mobility scooter with 24 hour notice. So even if you are staying off-property and do not have a car, or want to use your car, ensure your hotel offers transportation to Universal and advise them 24 hours in advance that you will need accommodation for transportation of your mobility scooter. Remember, IT’s THE LAW! They must provide you transportation for your scooter or wheelchair to anywhere they offer transportation to.