If you were staying at a Disney resort that does not have direct access to the monorail or a boat to EPCOT, you will be taking a bus. Your Epcot mobility scooter must fit within a 48 x 30 inches space in order to be allowed on the bus. Many personal mobility scooters do not fit within the space so if you’re bringing your own you do need to ensure you measure it or have your own transportation for your scooter to their theme parks from your hotel.

To ensure your scooter fits within this space, EPCOT has painted boxes on the ground near the bus loading so you can pull your scooter in and be measured to fit within the space. Please do note that it is the outside of the lines that is the 48 x 30 inches not the inside.

All scooter vacations models will fit on all Disney handicap enabled transportation such as their buses, monorails and boats.