Disney World has three types of transportation: Buses, Boats and Monorails.  To determine whether a mobility scooter will fit onto any of these transportation types, Disney must comply with the Federal ADA (American Disabilities Act) rules for public transportation which requires transportation accommodation for any ADA device that fits within 48 inches by 30 inches floor space.  Many of the larger mobility scooters sold on the market today do not fit within that size.  Since looks can be deceiving, Disney has painted boxes near the bus transportation waiting areas where scooters can be measured to ensure they meet the guidelines.  Most Orlando Scooter Rental companies know the guidelines and only rent scooters that fit within the space allowed.  It is important to note that it is the “outside” of the painted lines that are the allowable space, not the inside of the lines (yes, we measured them ourselves.).

All monorails reserve the middle two cars for scooters and wheelchairs.  A ramps is placed so you may ride right into the monorail car.  Make sure once you are on the monorail that you turn off your key and that the scooter is not in neutral (cannot be pushed) so it does not roll around while the monorail is moving.

The same goes for boats as the monorail except for there are some boats that cannot take scooters, wheelchairs or strollers.  The large “Friendship” canal type boats around EPCOT and the Boardwalk as well as the “Steamship” boat between the Ticket and Transportation Center and Magic Kingdom all take scooters. In fact, I highly recommend taking the boat transportation to Magic Kingdom with a scooter.  There is no limitation on the number of scooter that may go on each boat versus each monorail.

At Scooter Vacations all our Orlando Scooter Rental models fit within the required space however we recommend if renting our large wheeled scooter, the Dream, that you do so when staying at hotels that you primarily use the boats and monorail.  Because you need to turn the front wheel to fit within the allowable space with the Dream, some bus drivers have deemed to deny access therefore we suggest you avoid the hassle (who wants to argue on vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth) and go with the Wish or the Fantasy for s supreme, luxurious, scooter rental.

If you do rent a luxury model that has a reclining seat, we recommend you move the seat to the full upright position (yes, just like on the airplanes!).  This will make it easier for loading onto the bus.  Also if you have your own scooter and it has a rear basket, those are best left at home.  They must be removed for loading on and off the transportation and in the crowded confines of the theme parks rear baskets tend to get caught up in stores and makes backing up more difficult.  I have seen a whole shelf of nice figurines smash to the floor and another driver back a rear basket right into a stroller at child height.

And don’t forget of course if you just don’t want to spend your time waiting for Disney buses or boats, you can always rent a portable scooter for Disney World and in less than a minute put it in the trunk of a car and make your own way from place to place.  Many of our seasoned Disney fans customers rent a car to avoid the buses.

Wish Scooter Fits on Disney Buses

Wish Scooter Fits on Disney Buses