Walt Disney World Orlando offers everything from thrill rides to toddler amusement, world class shows, restaurants, beaches and mountains. At EPCOT you can visit countries around the globe, eat their foods, take a trip to mars, be a test car dummy, or be shrunk down in size. And these are just a few things available to do at Walt Disney World.

There are plenty of new and updated attractions for those who are regular visitors. The updated EPCOT Spaceship Earth ride and exploration center following the ride is amazing. The end of the ride will have you play a part in the exploration center. Be sure to keep your eyes open and proceed first to what we will refer to as “center-stage” to not miss it.

For the young ones, particularly your little princesses, there is a new beauty salon in the Magic Kingdom Castle where a little girl can dream of being a princess and actually be transformed into one right there. It seems to be a very popular activity and you can make reservations in advance. They will also do the princes’ in your life but they may like just going to the old fashioned barber shop at the front of Mainstreet USA which is a stand in line arrangement and they do take young and old alike and if it happens to be your little ones “first” haircut, they will save a lock of hair and give you a special certificate. A great touch and keepsake!

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