It's all uphill at ScootOrlando Scooter Rental

It’s all uphill at ScootOrlando Scooter Rental

Being in the business, and knowing most all the ecv scooter models out there, the relevant weight capacities and batteries for each, it really struck me how many scooter renters I see in the parks having to re-charge during their day.  The reason is most all scooter rental companies just use the standard size batteries that come with the scooters from the manufacturer (except for us, of course).  Scooter specifications (capability and functionality) is largely defined by the federal government as they are the largest purchaser of mobility scooters via Medicare and Medicaid. And if you think about it you can easily understand how scooters are designed for home use and not the heavy-duty usage a #DisneyWorld or #Universal theme park day requires.

What is the answer?  Either make sure your rental company (as we do) clearly lists weight capacity (click here to see our scooters with all day ride time) for a full 12-15 hour day or go way up on weight capacity and/or scooter/battery size to ensure you have enough power.  That is if you don’t want to have to keep re-charging during the day.

Also if the rental company provides the manufacturer specifications look for the weight capacity for the distance rating and “flat surface” info.  Most companies will provide you with battery range miles based on a low weight rider and while on a flat surface with no stopping.  At theme parks, even though you may not notice, you are climbing hills and your riding is very stop and go.  Just like gas mileage. you can go farther on a tank of gas for highway miles than in the city – stop and go- traffic.

You spend a lot of money and use up precious vacation time to be able to go to #DIsneyWorld or #Universal, so the last thing you want to do is find out you are going to have to waste precious vacations hours each day while you wait to re-charge your scooter battery.