From Rides 50 #DisneyWorld Rides in one day!

Did you hear about the guys who made the plan of all plans, and accomplished an unheard of feat?  They rode 50 #DisneyWorld Rides in one day! I thought this is crazy but then had to investigate and see the what, why and how of it all!

These two men…middle-aged, rode all Disney World rides in one day on November 7th .  Apparently they tried before and failed but re-grouped and did it this time.

They call it the #WDW46 for riding 46 unique rides.  Who knew? They even had time left over and went on four duplicate rides in one 17 hour day!

It really is a fun relaxing detailed adventure read and they also have a video teaser posted on the website and a full video coming soon.  Click here to get to their site.

I would love to see some of our #DisneyScooterRental customers do a challenge and see how many they could do!  If anyone wants to take on the challenge, your scooters will be provided for free!  They used a car to go between parks all day so for a scooter challenge that includes all the parks you would want to pick one of our portable models.  Click here to see our models.