During the hot summer months it is tough to motivate to go to the theme parks when you know it will be crowded and sweltering.  The way to survive, rent a scooter!

Here are a few tips for getting around at Disney World on a scooter:

1) Whether you are walking or riding along, you need patience.  The parks are busy and everyone is trying on sensory overload. Make sure you are on the slow speed setting.

2) At Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios ride through the stores instead of down main street.  The shops on the left side of the street at both parks go all the way through and you can ride from store to store.  You are out of the sun and in air-conditioning.  It is particularly convenient in the morning hours when people are just arriving and not yet entering the stores.  You pretty much have a clear shot through.

3) Bring a large trash bag.  While most of our scooters are water-resistant and some waterproof, most others are not and in any case you will be able to keep your things that are in your front basket dry by using a trash bag when it rains.

4) Don’t be afraid of the rain.  It brings heat relief from the heat.  It is always cooler after a nice rain.

5) Always keep an eye out for out-of-the-way covered locations where you could “pull-in” if caught by a surprise thunderstorm.  A good place to look is restroom facilities.  There are a lot that are tucked away and those usually have some shelter.

6) If you are not staying at a Disney resort. Every theme park, except for Animal Kingdom, has a hotel you can get to by walking/scooting.  During the hottest part of the day you can take a break at a nearby hotel which is much quieter than anywhere inside the theme park.  For Magic Kingdom you can exit the front gates and go to your left to walk to the Contemporary or get on the Resort Monorail and go to Grand Floridian, the Polynesian, or ride to the Contemporary.  For Hollywood studios there you will see the waterway in front on your left and a walkway that will take you around to the Dolphin, Swan, and a little further is the Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach Club Hotel Resorts.  You can also reach them via a nice covered, air-conditioned canal boat ride.  Just look for the boat dock on your left on the waterway.  And lastly you can reach those same hotels by exiting the International Gateway at EPCOT which is between England and France.  Instead of making a left to go over the waterway to France from England, carry on straight and you will go right out that exit.  From there you can walk/scoot or take one of the friendship canal air-conditioned boats over to the hotels.

Lastly, make sure your scooter rental will have batteries will last all day and that will provide a seat and legroom for your personal comfort.