We planned our dream trip to Disney. A few weeks before we were to arrive i hurt my knee and was gonna need surgery. I had the surgery date set for after we would be back from vacation. But i didn’t know how i was going to get around the two days at Disney and a day at Universal Studios that we had planned.

We rented a private home about 10 miles from Disney. I checked with Disney about a scooter and they were $50 a day and they told me i had better get there early because they are limited and would be gone fast. So i googled it and found lots of other scooter rentals in the area.

After checking them all out i chose you guys. It turned out to be the best decision i made the whole trip.

I rented the Diplomat with a optional canopy. They told me it would be delivered Monday morning at 8am. I figured it would be late getting there and i might get to the park by 10am. The guy pulled up at 7:58 am, showed me how to use it, helped me load it into our suv and we were at the park before 9am.

I rode that scooter all over Disney from 9am to 11pm and it still had a full charge on it. So i didn’t charge it that night. I just left it in the Blazer. Next day i rode it all over Disney’s Hollywood Studios until the park closed and it ran great and was still half charged. Charged it that night and it ran all day at Universal with a full charge on it at closing time.

It had two speeds. Low was the perfect walking speed and on high i was zippin past everybody including all the other scooters. The canopy saved me from sun burn.

Everybody in our group of 11 other than myself, said it was so easy to find the main group because all they had to look for was the canopy which because of it’s shape was easy to find. It came in a nap sack that was straped to the back of the seat. With the canopy up the nap sack was empty.

It had 3 zippered compartments. My wife kept her pocket book and other things in there completly out of site. There was supposed to be a basket behind the seat, but becuse the canopy nap sack was there the scooter came with a basket on the front. Nobody in our group had to tote anything. I had it all, water bottles, souviner bags, pocket books. Everybody was glad i had that scooter.

The swivel seat made it extra easy to get in and out of. The arm rest moved back and forth which made it very comfortable. I could go on for days about it. My wife and i were looking at some pictures after we returned home and she asked me what i missed most and i said, the scooter, really, i’m not kiddin.

The scooter, the service, it’s all good, no, it was great…..Thanks Guys.