Sometimes you read these letters and think yeah right but I am writing in because when I used scooter vacations I received excellent service.

I live in the UK and we had decided to take my little one to Disney World. I knew this would involve a lot of walking and due to a neck back injury this would be hard for me.

I looked up scooter rentals on the internet and after making some comparisons I chose Scooter vacations. I got a nice email and invoice from them that stated they would not charge me the full amount until they delivered the scooter and that I could cancel if needed.

All very professional and nice.

I had told them that they could deliver the scooter to the address where I was staying at 7pm. Now this is where their exceptional service starts, I was delayed getting into Orlando and wasn’t even out of the airport at 7pm.

Once my phone connected to the US network I received a call from the company saying that they had tried to deliver the scooter but no one was there, I explained that I had been delayed. Their response was “that’s OK we’ll deliver it tomorrow morning for you”.

They didn’t say that will cost you more or sound cross at all. They didn’t charge me anymore either. And when on the day they were due to collect the scooter I called them to say “can I rent it for one more day” they were fine and just said yes no problem we’ll just call our driver and tell him not to drop by.

That’s what I call customer service, something we could do with in England. Also the scooter was great and worked very well, it was easy to take apart and took my weight with no problems.

Great company, great staff and great service and I would highly recommend them.