When I injured my ankle before our extended trip to Disneyworld, I thought our trip was off — but then my husband had the idea of renting a scooter. I found referrals for your site on a Disneyworld fan board. After renting a scooter for the trip, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip.

The batteries never ran out, (I charged nightly and anytime we went back to our room), the seat was comfy for me, (and I am super-plus sized at over 350 lbs.), the scooter was easy to break down and put into our trunk, it fit on all of the inter-park Disney transportation and the one time we had a problem, it was immediately resolved by phone, (I had somehow disconnected the battery, but phone support new just what was wrong and directed us on how to fix the problem).

It’s two years later and I just booked three scooters, for members of my party with injuries that do not allow extensive walking. We’re coming to Disneyworld for ELEVEN days — but thanks to your product, I know we will ALL be able to enjoy the parks — without concerns about the grueling pace being too much for the older members of our group. THANKS!