I am writing to let you know that my use of the Dream scooter surpassed all my expectations during my 11 day vacation this past September. I’ve had to use scooters from other companies before, due to back injuries and they do not compare to this last experience.

The Dream was extremely comfortable, easy to navigate, and definetely a showstopper! I must have been stopped and asked anywhere from 5-15 times a day, each day of my vacation, about where to get the scooter and the rental prices. Next trip I should ask you to include some business cards to give out! (Maybe I can get a discount for referrals!!) I’m sure I sent you many new customers as your number was given to at least 30 people during my stay! Most were quite envious! lol

I’ve always been a little embarrassed when using a scooter as some ppl are rude and stare and make comments, but the Dream was actually “cool”. I was quite amused at many ppl referring to it as a “Harley” scooter. That actually became my nickname for it for the duration of the vacation.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for offering this great scooter, and to thank you, Wendy, in particular, for your help. I will definitely be using your services again soon, as I am planning a short trip to WDW next month and will need to get around.

Thank you much!