My dad really loved the [Dream] scooter and I appreciate the service. It made our trip delightful. He is a big man and was very comfortable and could keep up with our family when we toured the park. This was much nicer than pushing him around in a wheelchair. He raved to everyone about how nice and comfortable it was, and how easy it was to us. We come to Disney every year and we will definitely be using your company again next time!

We got many compliments on the scooter and every time we did we were sure to recommend Scooter Vacations and tell everyone what an excellent company it is. We had no trouble getting it on and off the resort buses. One driver did tell us it wouldn’t fit and he would call us another bus, but I think this was due to the fact that he just didn’t want to load it! We got on the very next bus which was the same type with no problems at all. It was easy to fit into the room and charge at night. It really increased my dad’s mobility. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience and enhancing our vacation with The Dream scooter!

Alicia Hiller