Did you know that Port Canaveral is only an hour away from Disney World, Universal Orlando and Sea World?  There are some great cruise discount deals available and you can take your Orlando Scooter Rental with you on the cruise!

There are 3, 4 and 7 day cruises available.  It is a great way to relax after the hectic schedule of touring Orlando theme parks.  Why not add on a nice 3 or 4 day cruise?  Just because you go to Disney World doesn’t mean you have to also book a Disney cruise.  While they are terrific, they are pricey.  If your budget is tight, consider taking a float on Royal Caribbean, or Carnival which have great deals! If you have never cruised before, this is the perfect opportunity to “get your feet wet” (pun intended!).

If you did rent a scooter in Orlando and it is a portable model, then you can take that one right with you to your cruise.  Scooter Vacations will then arrange to pick up the scooter from you upon your return at the Orlando airport on your way home. And the same is true if you decide to begin with a cruise, we will meet you at the airport on your way to the port.

If you rented a more luxurious on-property model for your Universal Florida or Disney World scooter rental, then we would be happy to swap you to a portable model right before you head over to the port.

Get a lot more bang for your buck by adding on a restful cruise from Port Canaveral to your Orlando vacation.  You will be so pleased that you did!