Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason…there is lots and lots of sunshine and therefore you might think it would be a good idea if not a neccessity to have a sunshade on your mobility scooter  a.k.a. electric wheelchair or electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) but there are plenty of factors to consider before requesting a sunshade on your mobility scooter rental.

  1. The sun moves around the Earth (I know we all now know that), but what that means is the sun is moving all day long as are you when riding around theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Florida, or SeaWorld.  There is a statistical probability that when using a sunshade compared to your position to the sun you will only be shaded 5% of the time.
  2. Sunshades are a hinderance and wreaks all kinds of havoc when cruising through shops.  They get caught on hanging items, things sticking out from shelves, etc.  You can easily end up leaving a trail of destruction.
  3. If you are transporting your mobility scooter, sunshades are screwed in and therefore you will need a screwdriver to remove and install it each time.

The best and most versatile solution…a hat and when leaving your scooter to eat or ride an attraction, make sure you park it in a shady spot so your seat and handles don’t get scorching hot.  And of course don’t forget your sunscreen either, it is Florida!