If you have been to Florida in the summer then you know it is the rainy season. Typically it is a welcome relief in the late afternoon where thunderstorms will pass through the area for 20-30 minutes and drop the temperature to the 70’s, making for a bit cooler evening.  So don’t think of it as a intrusion on your vacation, instead watch the skies and plan around it.  For instance. try to hit one of the many indoor, covered shows at a park or pick a great store to shop in for your souvenirs, or a restaurant or snack place for afternoon refreshments. Rarely does it rain all through the evening. But how does this affect your mobility scooter rental, electronic convenience vehicle (ECV)? Mobility scooters manufacturers design to government ADA (American Disabilities Act) standards and more importantly requirements for those getting insurance or government medical assistance purchase assistance.  Believe it or not, for a person to qualify for monetary assistance in a purchase of a mobility scooter, a doctor has to confirm it is medically necessary for the mobility scooter to be needed for getting around inside their own home!  And guess what, it doesn’t rain inside their home! Ask your scooter rental company if their scooters are water-resistant and have waterproof keys.

It is best to either be under cover during a heavy downpour or get one of those nice big rain ponchos which is usually big enough to fit over you and the front of your scooter where the driving mechanism is. This will keep both the driving mechanism, the seat and you from getting wet! And also don’t forget that Orlando scooter rental models that have vinyl seats are best, due to the rain. Once the cloth seat versions (which are typically less expensive for the rental company to purchase and require less maintenance) get wet, it can take up to several days in the hot sun for it to dry out.  And believe me there is nothing worse than sitting on a wet seat all day!