How to Google ReviewClick on this link to view full-size instructions in PDF which you may also print out: How-to-Google-Review

Businesses who garner business and customers via the Internet rely on Google search results to present their company.  Latest statistics show Google search is 67.5% of all searches.  While no one knows how Google determines which sites to show first (it’s not like they go out and try the products or services or even survey customers to see who is truly the best) one of the key factors is reviews of businesses submitted to Google.

Now whether by design or not (you would think since they have designed and are building a driver-less car, everything they do is by design) they made it take a bit of effort to submit a review. I guess this should help with ensuring it is a real person leaving the review unlike some other sources where for instance you see one person left negative reviews for all scooter rental companies but one, who they gave multiple positive reviews to.  (Yeah that is definitely fishy and not on the up and up.)

To help you write a review, we have created a step-by-step guide for how to submit a Google review. If you have a Google plus account already, it is super quick. If you have a Google account but no Google plus then you just have an extra step for creating one.  If you don’t have either, it is a couple extra steps but in the end it does give you the ability to easily submit a review for your favorite businesses. And for small business in today’s economic environment, those reviews mean a whole lot!