When renting a mobility scooter for your vacation to Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Florida, a Cruise or any other of the great things Orlando has to offer, it is best to rent from a company that specializes in rentals.  Selling mobility scooters is much different than renting them out.  Let’s face it rental scooters in Orlando take a beating.  They are out, running hard, to cover the vast miles that make up the theme parks being abused by very hot sun and usually the frequent and heavy thunderstorms.  Not to mention they are also rented for cruises going out of Port Canaveral which means the worst of the worst, salty sea sprays!  Servicing these kinds of daily abuses takes a precision approach and technical know how to diagnose problems, hopefully in advance of re-rental, and correcting them.

Ask any experienced owner of a mobility scooter a.k.a. electric wheelchair, electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) and they will tell you that their batteries would never last a full 15 hours or survive forever in very hot or wet weather.  The mobility scooters sold for personal use and the companies that sell them rely on the manufacturers warranty, service and repair.  Rental is a very different beast.

Ensure the mobility scooter rental company has what you would expect (and more) from a vehicle type rental company such as:

  • A wide variety of models to choose from
  • On-line demonstrations of each model
  • On-line ordering capability
  • A repair time service commitment
  • Long hours of operation that match with theme park hours
  • Ability to service you inside a theme park location

You spend a lot of money for your vacation from the entrance fees to theme parks to accomodations and travel, so don’t just rent from the first company you find…or the cheapest.  Ensure you select a top notch mobility scooter rental company because not getting the best scooter out there from a true rental company can ruin your entire vacation.