Visiting SeaWorld is a moving experience but requires just that, moving, as in walking, a lot.  With the size of SeaWorld, many of us, even those who consider ourselves fit and walk daily, can’t handle the rigors of traversing the large property which includes inclines and declines.  What’s the answer…a mobility scooter rental.  Mobility scooters also known as an electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) can be easily arranged for in advance and delivered directly to your hotel, timeshare, resort, villa, or even RV park or camping site.  They can be ridden onto theme park and area transportation such as buses, monorails, boats etc. and by selecting the right mobility scooter for rental, can breakdown or fold up and easily fit into a compact size rental car trunk.

Prices for SeaWorld mobility scooter rentals start as low as $25 a day and include free delivery and pick up.  Make sure you arrange for your rental as far in advance as possible to ensure you get your choice of model type and during peak and holiday season time, have one available and reserved for you. However, even if it is a last-minute thing, you may still be able to be accommodated, it’s definitely worth it.