Orlando scooter rentals are growing each year just as the average age increases and the baby boomers come to the age of visiting Orlando area attractions such as Disney, Universal, Sea World and taking cruises out of Port Canaveral with their grandchildren.  Make sure if you are planning your trip for the spring to book your Orlando mobility scooter now to ensure you get the scooter you desire.  It is difficult just attempting to walk the parks not to mention keeping up with excited children and if you want your vacation to be a relaxing one rather than a exercise challenge, there is no shame in taking advantage of a mobility scooter rental to get you around the theme parks and the remarkably large resorts in Orlando…do a scootarama vacation.   Let me say it another way, you are not required or should feel like you have to be walker mobility challenged person to use a scooter (electronic convenience vehicle, ECV) at Disney, Universal, Sea World theme parks or on a cruise.  To take this thought a step further lets think about it…you are not taking up additional space, you are not harming the environment (they run on rechargeable batteries) and you are not getting in anyone’s way, in fact, you are getting out of others way and you have your own place to sit!  Many have adopted this new way of thinking, the baby boomers are renting to not slow the kids down, and some of us simply do need mobility assistance.  When you add all this up it means more and more Orlando vacationers are renting scooters and therefore the main thing you should do is PLAN AHEAD to be sure you have a scooter reserved for you.  Don’t wait and think “Oh I can do it”, you can still get in plenty of exercise by walking exhibits if you so choose (you can also ride your scooter through most everything too) or hey, it is already in the high 80’s so take a nice swim, stroll in the evening when it is cooler or hit a dance club at Universal’s Citywalk!  Scootaround Orlando and make a great vacation even better.