An important factor in a mobility scooter rental for an Orlando Florida vacation is to ensure that the electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) a.k.a. electric wheelchair rental company provides a commitment for repair and/or replacement time, will provide service inside any of the theme park attractions and has extended hours of operation that match up with your vacationing plans.

Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Florida theme parks open as early as 8 am and close as late as 11 pm which means if you are an early bird and want to be there upon opening, you may be leaving your hotel, timeshare or villa direct, as early as 6 am to have breakfast and get to the park.  Your mobility company should be operational and ready to support you during these hours.  Also there are times when you may experience a mechanical problem with a scooter.  They are, after all, a piece of machinery and they do break down and if this happens to you inside a theme park, you want to make sure your rental company provides a commitment to come into the park to provide service.

While having a service problem is not pleasant, it would be far worse if you do so and your mobility scooter rental company is not available to take your call or will not come to assist and service you inside a theme park.