Most of us who use a mobility scooter rental when visiting Orlando theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Florida, or SeaWorld could benefit from using it both at the theme park as well as where we are staying.  Whether staying at a hotel, resort, timeshare, villa direct or private home, a mobility scooter a.k.a. electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) or electric wheelchair, would be great for getting around these places as well as any shopping malls we might visit.  But to do so you would need a mobility scooter that is transportable.

Transportable mobility scooters, models that fit into a car trunk, are the creme de la creme of rental models.  But don’t be fooled.  Now that mobility scooter renters know they exist and have made this feature a must-have for their rental, many scooter rental companies are now “claiming” their scooters can fit in trunks.

The easiest way to ensure you are getting the “real deal” is to see a video of the scooter you are going to rent in-action, being assembled, disassembled and ridden around.  Also when viewing these videos you should be shown the actual model fitting into a car trunk, and take notice as to what type of car.

If you have to rent a full size van to fit your scooter into then you may also need to rent a full size weight lifter to get it in there too!  And car rental upgrades are expensive.  You might pay a few dollars more a day to get the latest technology, lightweight, transportable scooter but that is a heck of a lot less than the cost of upgrading to a rental van.

Even if you are planning on staying on property and never leaving, having the flexibility to pop your scooter into a taxi trunk for a trip to a shopping mall, a recommended restaurant, or even around Disney or Universal property so you don’t have to wait for the bus (maybe your running late?)  is an advantage worth having at your disposal.