With the full implementation of the Disney World Fast Pass Plus system, Disney guests now find they will use up their smartphone and/or tablet power quicker.  You will find yourself using the Disney app while in the park to check on your reservation times on everything from rides to restaurant reservations.  In addition, you can make changes on the fly.

Whoops waited too long for one ride or a parade got in your way of getting back to use your FastPass plus in time?  No problem just bring up your Disney app and reschedule.  A new Fastpass plus time is not guaranteed, so it is best to try and meet the times you have, but it is nice to know you have the flexibility to change on the fly if you want to or need to.

For those who rent a scooter in Orlando for Disney World you will find the FastPass Plus system is great to minimize ride line wait times.  By having a FastPass Plus time for a ride you find you can enjoy the amazing line experiences that Disney puts in place to entertain you while you wait to get on a ride because it is no longer a long time standing in line.  If now becomes a pleasant stroll.