To the west and south of Walt Disney World is a town called Kissimmee (pronounced Ki-sim-me, not Kiss-a-me).  Many hotels, resorts, timeshares, villas and direct private home rentals are there and their business is serving Disney visitors.

While these accomodations can be as close as 2-3 miles from Disney, you do not have the benefit of Disney transportation.  Visitors staying in Kissimmee usually rent their own car, take a taxi or many of the properties provide transportation to and from Disney.  However this can pose a problem for a person who would like to utilize a mobility scooter a.k.a. electric wheelchair or electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) for their vacation.  Why?  One simple fact, most rental scooters are too heavy and do not easily disassemble for transportation.  But recently new lighterweight, better engineered mobility scooter rentals have become available that can allow a person staying off-property to easily transport.

Make sure you are truly getting a transportable model.  If it easily breaks down and fits in a car trunk you should be able to view your model of choice doing so via the Internet.  What a great thing the Internet is.  If you cannot easily find a video demonstration on a mobility scooter rental company’s website, call and ask how to see one or continue to look for another rental company.  You absolutely will need a lightweight, transportable mobility scooter rental if you are staying in Kissimmee.