There are several external companies that rent mobility scooters a.k.a. electric wheelchairs, electronic convenience vehicles, ECVs for use at Walt Disney World.  Here is a quick reference of tips for deciding which type of scooter to select and which company to rent from:

  • Select a company that has several models to choose from.  Everyone is not the same size, so just like a shoe, different people need different sizes and fit.
  • Most rental companies only offer one or two different models.  This makes it easier for them! Less parts to keep in stock for repair, less training and knowledge needed for the staff for maintenance and repair.
  • If a company touts that they have been in business 10, 20 + etc. years, you will want to make sure the scooter they are renting you is NOT THAT OLD!  Older rental scooters have been seen at Disney World with the renter carrying with them a charger the size of a car battery!
  • Make sure their website has plenty of pictures and videos of the scooter models they rent. Nothing is better than a video of the actual models both being ridden around and if they are transportable, videos showing you how they disassemble and reassemble.
  • Do you need to transport your scooter?  If you will be transporting in a car, once again make sure you see a video of how it fits into a car and make SURE the car is truly a car and not a MINI VAN with the entire back area folded down and check the total weight of the scooter!
  • If you are staying on property, you may want to select one of the new specialty on-property models with the larger wheels and big luxury seat which equates to a much more comfortable ride. However, if there is a chance that you might want to take a taxi to a local shopping area or a restaurant off-site, still consider a transportable model that will fit in a taxi trunk but make sure it is truly lightweight and transportable.  Most all mobility companies are now stating their scooters are transportable but forget to mention that they weigh 100-200+ pounds!
  • Ensure the scooter has a quick charge capacity and charges from flat in about 5 hours.  Once again this capability is an additional cost to the scooter rental company but imperative to you the renter.   Many times you will get in late from a day at the parks and might only have a few hours between coming home at night and going back first thing in the morning.  You want to make sure the scooter you rented has the latest technology and that includes the capability for quick charging.

Lastly, make your reservations as early as possible to ensure you can get the scooter model and type that best suits your needs.  You typically can cancel up to 48 hours before arrival without penalty so, if your vacation plans change you can adjust or cancel your reservation if need be.