Universal Orlando Halloween Horror NightsGot any good tips for not having the bee-gee-bees scared out of you at Universal Studios Halloween Horror nights? Post your ideas to get a double discount or win the Grand Prize of a free 3-4 day rental!

I have  a pre-teen (middle-schooler) that just has to go for the first time this year and of course Mom has to go with him!  This years theme is The Walking Dead.  I remember the scariest movie I ever saw as a kid was “Night of the Living Dead”.  They also have an “Alien vs Predator” exhibit and the scariest movie I saw as a teen was “Alien”.

So I thought why not tap our base of experienced theme park enthusiasts and see who can come up with the best tip/s for not being scared.  Things I have thought about are:

  • Wear sunglasses so I can’t see the scary stuff (or would that make it worse)?
  • How about use noise cancelling headphones and play nice happy music in my ears?

Aliens vs Predators Universal OrlandoWe will have an independent judge who has been herself (and loves to be scared-to-death) read all submitted entries and judge the best suggestion.  The winner will get a free 3 day scooter rental (what else did you think we would have as a prize?).  And even if you don’t win,  if you post something, we will double your repeat customer discount on your next rental just for posting.

Please post your comments on our Facebook Page or Google Plus Page and get an extra day if you are the winner or an additional 5% rental discount for posting a picture (Rated G of course) with your submission.

You are welcome to have friends and family post ideas for you as well.  Share or forward to all your friends to see who can come up the the winning idea.  No limit on entries.  Just have them tag you or place your name in the post so we know who to credit the discount or winning prize to.

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