Questions relating specifically to Scooter Vacations Scooter Rentals.

What is your cancellation policy once my scooter rental has begun?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy from the time you advise us you would like to return your scooter. Of course if you have special unforeseen circumstances, we will work with you to accommodate you. We all have things that happen that deserve special consideration. Just give us a call we are here to listen and help.

Which scooter models are for only on-property only?

Three scooter models are for on-property use:

  • The Wish – a luxury model that is roomy and has a captain seat with headrest. It handles up to 400 lbs weight capacity.
  • The Dream – motorcycle styling, big wheels, largest batteries, captains seat and 500 lbs capacity.
  • The Fantasy – pinnacle of luxury with the largest batteries, ride suspension, captains seat and up to 550 lbs capacity.

Please click on the name of each scooter to read about the type of on-property transportation each can utilize.

Which scooter models are lightweight, portable and can fit in a trunk?

Three models are portable and will fit in a car or taxi trunk: the Snap weighs a mere 69 lbs and supports up to 240 lbs. of weight, the Dart supports 275 lbs weight capacity and the Destination has a large seat and supports up to 450 lbs weight capacity. They are all lightweight and come apart easily to fit in a car trunk. Please click on the name of each scooter to read about it and view the videos of how they disassemble to fit in a trunk.

How do I choose the best model for my needs?

We recommend you use our “scooter recommend-er” on our “reservations” page. Scroll down and enter the scooter riders height, weight and select the modes of transport you will be using for the scooter. The system will then highlight the scooters we believe would be your best choice/s.

To select on your own, first determine if you need a portable scooter or can use an on-property model. Next it is imperative to select a scooter that will accommodate the weight of the heaviest rider to ensure adequate battery capacity for a full day of vacation activities. Next visit our home page to quickly view, all at once, each scooters weight capacity and how they can be transported.

Are Scooter Vacations scooters easy to drive?

Yes, very easy. Five models are thumb drive models requiring the use of your finger or thumb to move the scooter forward and in reverse. The Dream is a European model with a right hand squeeze action. We are also introducing a new version of the Snap model that is also a finger pull model. All our scooters feature built in brake systems which activate when you release the handle.

How fast do they travel?

Our thumb drive models have a top-speed control knob and the Dream has a turtle and rabbit top-speed switch. In rabbit mode your scooter can reach a max speed of about 4.4 mph (7.0 km/h). Always ensure you are in turtle mode while moving on or off transportation, navigating through crowds and/or near any uneven surfaces or curbs for safety. As the rider you directly control your scooter’s top speed by the lever, similar to how hard you press on the gas pedal of a car.

Can I take my rental scooter in my car or a taxi?

The Snap, Dart and Destination all disassemble for lightweight and easy transportation. For more information please see our video’s of each scooter type for the break down and reassemble process.

Which model is best if I am staying on-property at Walt Disney World and am only going to use on-property transportation?

For guests staying at Walt Disney World you may select the Snap, Dart, Wish, Destination or Fantasy no matter which resort you are staying at. If you are considering The Dream we recommend it for only those staying at hotels that have direct access to Boats and Monorails and/or direct access to the facilities you will be visiting. While it does fit on the buses, you do need to turn the front wheel to fit within the ADA prescribed public transportation dimensions. Because of the Dream’s unique look, many bus drivers assume it is not compliant with ADA public transportation rules and may attempt to limit access. So as to avoid any un-pleasantries, we suggest for a large battery life, luxury model (if you have to use Disney World buses) you select the Wish or Fantasy.

Which model is best if I am staying on-property at Universal Orlando and am only going to use on-property transportation or the walkways?

If you are staying at a Universal Orlando resort hotel you can use any of our scooter models and may want to consider our specialty on-property models, the Wish, Fantasy or the Dream if you would like something less medical-looking that has definite curb appeal with its creative flare and styling. These particular models have very large batteries that can accommodate that extra daily driving commute if you decide to ride back and forth to the theme parks during the day.

How do I pay for my Scooter Vacations rental scooter? What is the cancellation policy?

Scooter Vacations accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card. Although many of our clients place orders several months in advance, we only charge the first day rental to reserve a scooter, refundable up to 48 hours prior to the designated rental date and time. We do not charge your card for the remaining balance due until 24 hours prior to your requested scooter rental start time.

What types of scooters does Scooter Vacations offer?

We have the largest selection of any scooter rental company. We have 6 models to choose from. First determine if you need a portable model, one that you can take with you in a car or taxi. If you are only going to be using buses, boats, monorails and or handicap taxi’s then you may choose either an on-property or portable model.

Where do you deliver and pick up?

Scooter Vacations delivers to, and picks up from, locations throughout the Orlando area including hotels, condos, private homes and airline baggage claim areas. Most hotels allow the equipment to be at the hotel’s luggage room with your name on it; just tell the hotel clerk at check-in to claim your scooter and at the end of your rental you just return your scooter to the front desk or bellhop as specified by your hotelier and we’ll take it from there; please don’t leave your scooter inside your room when you check out. If your scooter is not at the pick-up location at your designated time, you will be charged for an extra rental day plus a supplementary pick-up fee. If you request an equipment delivery or pick-up at a private home or other location that requires you to be present, please call us immediately if you find you must reschedule to avoid incurring extra fees.

Is there a fee for delivery and pick up?

Scooter Vacations provides free delivery & pickup to area hotels that are within 10 miles of the Orlando Amusement Parks for rentals of 3 days or longer. Free delivery within the same area also to Timeshare and Villa Rental Properties where a front desk/lobby, concierge or bell captain station is available for delivery and pick up. Delivery to private homes or villas or a “specific time” delivery for a meet or at the Orlando airport are available and happily accommodated for rentals of 3 days or more at no additional charge.

How do you count the rental days?

Scooter Vacations counts a rental day as a 24 hour period. Typically you can choose anytime between 8 am and 8 pm for hotels, resorts or timeshares with a front desk who accepts the scooter if you are not there. If you are staying at a private residence typically our delivery and pickup can be arranged between 8 am and 4 pm. Please contact us for any special delivery and/or pick up needs.

What does on-property mean?

On-property refers to those staying at a hotel located directly on theme park property and will use buses, boats, monorails or simply ride the scooter to the theme park each day. A guest may also use a handicap taxi or specialty handicap transportation for an on-property model.

What if I change hotels during my stay?

You may take your scooter to your new hotel and give us a call so we’ll know where to pick it up as long as sit is within our normal delivery area.

Do I need to take my charger to the theme park with me to charge up during the day?

Scooter Vacations upgrades our batteries and adjusts weight capacities in order to do our best to ensure you do not need to do any additional charging for a typical theme park ride time day. With that said, it never hurts to take your charger with in the case you do ride it more than you expected or in the case that you forgot to charge it the night before. We upgrade our chargers to fast-chargers. This means if you plug in during lunch or dinner at a theme park an hour charge can give you up to 33% of your charge back. The chargers come in a backpack that you can easily put in your basket. However do not let your chargers get wet. The chargers are not waterproof.

Will my scooter run all day without recharging the batteries?

Our maximum weight capacities reflect a ride time of 12-15 hours for a typical theme park day. This is a ride, stop, do something type scenario. If you have a circumstance where you believe your ride time will be non-stop, we recommend you call our reservation line to help you select the best model. Hint: the higher the weight capacity, the larger the batteries, the longer the ride time. Please be accurate when providing the rider’s weight and provide as many details as possible about your intended use so that we may provide you with the most appropriate equipment, accessories and instructions.

What if I am not within the 10 mile radius for delivery?

Scooter Vacations can make arrangements to meet you at a specific time, in a designated location for the delivery and pick up of your scooter.

What if I only want a 1 or 2 day rental?

A three day consecutive rental includes free with delivery within our designated 10 mile radius of the Disney and Universal area include free delivery and pick up. For a one day rental it is an additional $50 fee and a two day rental is $25.

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