In this day and age of needing to save energy, each and every one of us wants to do what we can to contribute to not only saving energy (and our dependence on foreign oil) but saving our planet for our children and grandchildren.

While never discussed, everyone that utilizes a mobility scooter (which runs on battery power) can do their part and make a significant difference.

Mobility scooters utilize batteries that must be charged overnight for use again the next day.  By selecting the newest technology, lightweight, innovative designed mobility scooters for your Walt Disney World, Universal, and/or Sea World Orlando rental you can get a full size scooter and also be environmentally friendly and “green” too!

Scooters that weight 150 to 200 plus pounds translates into needing and using more battery power and correspondingly more electricity every night to charge those bigger batteries.  New, advance designed scooters that are lightweight require much less battery power and the less weight the scooters have to move, which includes it’s own weight, the smaller the battery power required and the less battery power the less amount of time and energy/electricity it takes to charge each night. Translation, being “green” and environmentally friendly.

When on vacation the last thing you really want to concern yourself with is your “carbon footprint” and energy savings but there are still simple things we all can do and consider.  Turning off the lights in our rooms before we leave them and not leaving a window or balcony door open with air-conditioning on are easy to do on vacation as we all most-likely do those things at home already.  And another easy thing you can do when preparing, researching and making your reservations for your Walt Disney World, Universal, EPCOT, or Sea World Orlando mobility scooter rental is ensuring you are selecting an advanced designed, lightest-weight, mobility scooter which you feel will be the best for our planet.

Look for the Best-In-Class environmentally friendly “green” scooters and do your part even while on vacation!