Orlando is the world’s best place to vacation…you can go to the beach, either a real one an hours drive away or a great replica of one at Walt Disney World’s (WDW) Typhoon Lagoon or SeaWorlds Aquatica, the mountains as in Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, to outer space via Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s (Formerly MGM), Men in Black at Universal Studios, Buzz Lightyear at Magic Kngdom or Mission to Mars at EPCOT.  Wow that’s a lot and only the beginning.  But what do all these places have in common?  Lots and lots of walking.

Whether you are mobility limited or just want to see all that you can, you can rent a mobility scooter a.k.a. eletric wheelchair, electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) in Orlando to assist you in seeing all these places and more.  A mobility scooter can be reserved in advance just like a rental car or hotel room and even better than a car rental, will be delivered to your door whether that is a hotel room, timeshare, private villa direct, or resort.  There are many different models to choose from and can even fit into the trunk of a car or taxi by folding up or easily disassembling.

Make sure you reserve as far in advance as possible because the best scooter models get sold out during peak times (which is most of the time) and ensure the rental company provides commitments on service repair, will come into a theme park for service repair, and has hours of operation that match theme park hours beginning early in the morning til late at night.