Disney’s monorail services Magic Kingdom directly from their Contemporary, Grand Floridian & Polynesian Resorts.  Each hotel has a boarding area directly on the monorail to take them to the Magic Kingdom and a mobility scooter rider can ride directly on and off of the monorail.  The monorail has special cars and waiting area’s, right in the center closet to boarding and disembarking, for mobility rental scooters, electronic convenience vehicles, ECVs, electric wheelchairs.  The attendant will direct you to this area and when it is time to get on or off, place a ramp that allows you to easily ride on and off. In addition, each of these hotels, as in all Disney hotels, accommodate scooter rentals being delivered in advance of your check in and hold them for pick up following your check out.  Nothing could be more simple.  And for those who also plan to venture to other Orlando venues such as local shopping malls or other area attractions, mobility scooters rentals are now so advanced they can either fold-up or disassemble to fit into a rental car or taxi trunk.