Banners overhead at Disney?  No way!

Banners overhead at Disney? No way!

If you live in Orlando it is pretty much common knowledge that you are not allowed to fly over Disney property.  Never really thought about it much except for a few times when it seems like an airplane was close to the area and then it called your attention to it…how can a plane be flying here?

Last week an article came out explaining how Disney received this benefit and no other theme park does. In fact Disney ranks right up there with places like the White House! Click here to read the article: Disney keeps no-fly zone over parks.

It does seem unfair that other parks do not enjoy the same benefit for their visitors to their parks but I must admit I haven’t noticed anyone flying overhead at Universal Orlando.  Perhaps there has been but it certainly did not interrupt or ruin my experience.

I guess it may be because whether Disney World or Universal Orlando, it is so noisy and sensory engulfing, you would probably never hear or look up to see something flying overhead. In fact one time one of our Orlando Scooter Rentals (click here to view our six rental models with batteries that last all day) came back with a large metal object pushed into the tire and when we drove it, it was so noisy we wondered how could they have not noticed this?  But the fact is there are very few quiet places at a theme park so I guess indiscriminate noises are not really ever heard above the shrieks of joy!