Should I get my Disney scooter rental at the theme parks daily or use a scooter vacation rental company?  What is the difference?  A Disney scooter rental, scooter vacation, company delivers the scooter to you at your hotel, villa, timeshare etc.  You then have use of the scooter during your entire vacation stay, not just at the theme parks, and you can use your scooter to get to and from parking lots and on Disney transportation as well as around the resort.  You will take it in your room at night and charge it up for the next day usage.

The scooter can be ridden directly on to Disney transportation such as the boats, buses and monorails and if you are staying off-property their are portable scooters that can accomodate up to 450 lbs. and be easily placed in a car or taxi trunk for transporting.

The other option is to rent at the theme park when you get there each day.  The rental location inside each park is at the front of the park where they also rent strollers.  They usually have wheelchairs near the handicap parking lot to the entrance (if there are any there available, you are free to use them but not guaranteed) and then once you get to the gates you walk through and then can rent a scooter.  Please keep in mind they do have a limited amount of scooters for rent each day and they do get sold out.  So you are not guaranteed to be able to rent one.  Get there early for the best shot at renting one.  They are four wheeled models that are specially designed to go at about walking speed. They do have a basket but you are limited to only one authorized rider per scooter and not allowed to have a young one hop on your lap while riding.

If you plan on park hopping, going to multiple parks in the same day, you must return the Disney scooter rental from the theme park before exiting each theme park and then, if available, can pick up another one at the next theme park on the same day.  You won’t be able to use Disney scooter rentals from the theme parks to get to and from parking lots or transportation and to the next theme park. But be sure to keep your receipt for your daily theme park Disney scooter rental because if there is a scooter available at your next theme park on the same day, you should not be charged again.