Some dis boards (discussion boards) openly promote specific companies via advertisements etc. and therefore openly let you know which companies they are getting paid by to promote, other dis boards don’t…letting the unsuspecting readers think that all the postings are honest commentary rather than really positioned relevant to the “hidden” paid advertiser.There are many Orlando scooter rental companies that serve Disney World, Universal, and Sea World for vacationers to choose from, I would easily estimate at least 10.  There are also just as many dis boards for specifically Walt Disney World and other Orlando area attraction visitors.  So, if a dis board seems to focus on one company in particular and hasn’t identified them as an advertiser or paid-sponsor (unless there are only a handful of posters to this site) then the case of the “hidden” paid advertiser may be in play.  You might be able to glean a clue by paying particular close attention to the moderator and co-moderator/s of any dis boards to see if they are the primary promoters of one company over any other.Check around, check your facts.  Compare Orlando scooter rental companies scooters, service commitment, prices and partnerships!