The Walt Disney World Resort is renowned for its groundbreaking attractions, and “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” stands as one of its most ambitious endeavors. This immersive experience thrusts visitors into the heart of the Star Wars universe, placing them in the midst of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order. With the aid of mobility scooters, guests with limited mobility can now fully participate in this galactic adventure, adding an extra layer of accessibility and inclusivity to the Disney experience. In this article, we explore the remarkable journey of conquering “Rise of the Resistance” on a mobility scooter, and how technology has bridged the gap between imagination and reality.

Breaking Barriers with Accessibility

“Rise of the Resistance” isn’t just an attraction; it’s an experience that transports visitors to a galaxy far, far away. The inclusion of mobility scooters has taken accessibility to new heights, ensuring that guests with mobility challenges can join the Resistance and immerse themselves in the epic Star Wars narrative. By providing accessible solutions, Disney World showcases its dedication to making the magic accessible to everyone.

The “Rise of the Resistance” Experience

“Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” is a multi-part attraction that combines cutting-edge technology, intricate set design, and captivating storytelling. Guests join the Resistance and are captured by the First Order, leading to a daring escape and a climactic battle against Kylo Ren himself. With the aid of mobility scooters, visitors can traverse the attraction’s various scenes, from the Star Destroyer hangar to the forests of Batuu, all while being enveloped in the sights and sounds of the Star Wars universe.

Seamless Integration with Mobility Scooters

The accessibility of “Rise of the Resistance” for mobility scooter users is a testament to Disney’s commitment to providing an inclusive experience. While certain parts of the attraction require guests to transfer from their mobility scooters, cast members are on hand to assist, ensuring a smooth transition. The ride vehicles themselves are designed with accessibility in mind, allowing riders to remain seated in their mobility scooters as they journey through the galaxy.

Tips for a Galactic Adventure

  1. Plan Ahead: Before your visit, familiarize yourself with the attraction’s accessibility guidelines. This will help you prepare for any potential transfers and ensure a seamless experience.
  2. Utilize Disney’s Resources: Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) can help manage wait times, allowing you to enjoy other attractions while waiting for your boarding group to be called.
  3. Assistance from Cast Members: Cast members are available to guide you through the attraction’s boarding process and provide any necessary assistance. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or request help as needed.
  4. Immerse Yourself: “Rise of the Resistance” is all about immersion. Let yourself be swept away by the incredible visuals, sounds, and storytelling that make this attraction a truly unforgettable experience.


“Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” exemplifies the convergence of technology, storytelling, and accessibility at the Walt Disney World Resort. With the inclusion of mobility scooters, individuals with limited mobility can embark on a journey that was once beyond their reach, immersing themselves in the epic saga of the Resistance. As technology continues to break barriers, Disney’s commitment to creating inclusive experiences ensures that everyone can take part in the magic and adventure of the galaxy far, far away.