There are several times a year that are peak scooter (mobility scooter, electric wheelchair, electronic convenience vehicle, ECV) rental times and therefore you should reserve your scooter as far in advance as possible to get your choice of scooter type and company:

  • February around President’s Day weekend
  • March-April for spring break
  • May Memorial Day and school summer vacations begin
  • June & July for summer family vacations
  • August until school resumes
  • October & November
  • December from the second week through the first week in January

During these peak times scooters get sold out everywhere…from external companies as well as on-site at the theme parks.  Most external companies provide a cancellation policy of 48 hours without penalty, so it is best to go ahead and reserve in advance and cancel if you need to at the last minute.  This way you ENSURE you get the best scooter, one that fits your individual needs and preferences and you can get it from the company of your choice, with a large fleet and many model choices and excellent service commitments such as:

Don’t be one of the many that think about it, try to go without one and then ruin your vacation because you decide at the last minute you really would like to rent a scooter for Disney touring but now they are all sold-out.  If you do find yourself in this last minute situation and have to settle for what might be left to rent, do your best to find out:

  • how old the scooter is,
  • how large the battery charger is,
  • what condition the seat is in and is it cloth (they get wet and then you are stuck with a wet seat the whole time) or vinyl, and so forth.

Unfortunately during peak busy times many rental companies pull out their old units that should be retired just to have something to rent to you.  While you may have to settle for one, do your best to find the best from what is left.