When renting a mobility scooter, if you are not sure that the fleet of scooters your rental company is renting are ALL newer models, new technology scooters, that fully charge quickly (around 5 hours) you might want to confirm something as simple as the size of the battery charger.  The battery charger is what you use to plug in your scooter at night to re-charge the batteries. Some of the older fleet rental scooters have chargers the size of car batteries!  Yes, car batteries.  You might have seen one and not even known what you saw… unfortunately they have been seen frequently on Walt Disney World rental mobility scooters from external rental companies that are using older scooters in their fleet and the riders have to carry around their “car-size” rental battery charger even with them while in the park which only leads you to believe the battery life of the scooter to begin with may not have been enough for a full day without plugging in or since these are older scooters and chargers, they take a LONG time to fully re-charge and the rider was not able to get a full-charge in overnight and therefore had to take their charger with them.  Ask the right questions, make sure you get a newer scooter, new technology, and a guaranteed quick-charge, small (smaller than a brick and much lighter weight) battery charger.