I have never been at Disney World when it has been more crowded than the 4th of July and for that matter even the 3rd of July at Magic Kingdom.  They have the world’s best fireworks show and they usually do a practice run at least the day before, hence July 3rd.  If you are on a scooter, they have in the past reserved special spots in the center in front of the castle but you must get there early to get one.  In fact, you must get to the park early to even get in.  It is not unusual for the park to reach capacity on July 4th and they have to halt entrance to the park.

If you are going to have an Orlando scooter rental and tackle the crowds at Disney World for July 4th, go early and go directly to Guest Services and ask if they are going to reserve spots for mobility scooters and where they will be.  Then GO EARLY to get your spot.  And by early I mean two hours.

At the end of the fireworks you literally cannot move an inch.  Keep your scooter on the slowest speed as you try to make you way out of the park and plan on it taking an hour to get out.  Make sure you have water and everyone has visited the facilities way before fireworks time because it will be impossible to get to anywhere in a hurry.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  You just need some planning, forethought and a bucket of patience to enjoy one of the United States greatest firework displays to celebrate our nation’s independence.