1. Scooter Vacations (JA&K Marketing D.B.A. Scooter Vacations) (hereinafter the Company) will accept reservations from enrolled Reservation Partners, including travel agents, resorts, tour organizers and other travel and tourism industry professionals (hereinafter described as Partners), under the following Terms and Conditions for persons (the Client) wishing to book scooters offered by the Company.
  2. As a condition of registration, the Partner must provide a membership number of a recognized travel agents organization for verification by the Company. Failure to provide a valid, verifiable number from a recognized travel agency organization (such as the American Association of Travel Agents, IATA, ABTA, TTA, etc.) may result in removal of the agent from the program, and cessation of commissions and benefits until such time as they can provide verification to the Company.
  3. The Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for Rental of a scooter will apply to any renter of a Scooter Vacations scooter. Upon rental the Partner will either receive this Agreement via email, which they must present to the Client for acceptance or optionally at the time of reservation the Partner will be given the option to have Scooter Vacations contact the client directly to secure Agreement.  If the Partner chooses to secure the Agreement, they will receive an email containing said Agreement from Scooter Vacations that they may forward to the Client to accept via email response and forward to Scooter Vacations at [email protected] as well as a version with signature line that the Client may sign and fax to the Scooter Vacations Fax Center 1 (407) 284-1745. If the Partner chooses to have Scooter Vacations contact the Client directly, the Partner must supply the Client’s email address for correspondence.  If we have not received the executed agreement within 72 hours of the time of rental, Scooter Vacations will contact both the booking Partner and Client for expedited response. Scooter Vacations must have Client acceptance of Rental Agreement and Waiver of Liability executed by the Client.
  4. Scooter Vacations will pay the registered Partner the due commission during the calendar month following the completed rental. Payment will be made by check to the Partner by the Company.
  5. The commission rate is set at 10 percent of the rental rate.  All commissions are exclusive of sales tax, ADW, cancellation protection or other add-ons.